Biological Control

Control of agriculture pests and diseases with natural enemies thru IPM approach

Integrated Pest & Disease Management

Integrated pest and disease management (IPM) has gradually displaced the use of agrochemicals in agriculture. Many countries now make use of natural enemies in plant protection, especially in the EPPO region. Which is why ABS, is committed to developing greener alternatives for agriculture.

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Improve Crop Vitality

IPM enhances crops by eliminating stress caused by chemicals. Thus, crop vitality is regained.

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Free from Pest Resistance

Over time, pest gradually becomes resistant to the effect of chemicals on them, but they can’t get resistant to natural enemies.

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Cost Advantage

IPM is cost effective. Growers readily embrace this method compared to other techniques. It saves pest management costs and social environmental costs

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Improves Food Safety

IPM makes food highly safe for consumption. This helps improve the health of consumers. It reduces chemical residues and runoff into the environment

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Results in a Higher Yield

IPM helps produce twice as many crops compared to an average yield. Growers can access to high value export markets too.

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Social Responsibility

We owe it to our generation to provide healthy food. Sustainable agriculture practices preserve our resources for the next generation.

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